About me

  As a young kid I learnt to make shapes like cubes, cones, pentagons etc, out of paper and card. Later I started fiddling with materials like pencil lead and matchsticks or anything I could lay my hands on. Using these materials, I created the famous landmarks like Golgumbuz, Charminar, Ayodhya Temple, Churches and a few other buildings which took my fancy. These little paper models intrigued me further and bought out the hidden passion for model making. So I decided to build the famous Titanic which sailed on the North Atlantic. In the year 1999 my work was published in some of the prominent Indian newspapers. Between 1999 and 2000 I made commercial and residential building models for some of the local architects and developers within Bangalore, India. In the year 2000 I came to England to study HND in Industrial model making and completed my Masters in Fine arts. Since 2005, I have worked for various architects (Wilkinson Eyre, David Chipperfield) and model making companies ( Kandor, Pipers Synapse  etc.) I have gaining years of experience and embraced the  techniques and technologies (Laser Cutting CNC , Metal Etching ,3D printing etc.) involved in the field of model making. I produce fine quality models and simple LED lightings at competitive prices and to suit your budget at Gcreations UK Pvt Ltd ( Your Imaginations our Creation).

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