by Girish Reddy 16 Oct, 2017
by Girish Reddy 07 Sep, 2017
Laser cutter:  Laser cutting is a precise method of cutting a design from a given material using a Cad file to guide it. This involves firing a laser which cuts by melting, burning or vaporizing  the material . Universal lasers are very commonly used, you can achieve really fine level of cutting details and engravings on wide variety of materials.
by Girish Reddy 08 Aug, 2017
Perspex: It is a clear/coloured plastic (acrylic) material used in most of the fabrication purposes. It is available in various thicknesses and mostly used by model makers to create the outer skin (structural walls, roofs) of the scale models. They can be cut and engraved by laser cutters and spray painted with cellulose paints.

Different types of solid woods like oak, pear, beech, maple are used to make semi detailed building models.

by Girish Reddy 24 Jul, 2017
I was inspired by the movie Titanic released in the year 1998 and a few months later using balsa wood, paper card, pencils, plastic pipes, strings etc. I started to build the replica of Titanic Ship without any plans or actual drawings of the Titanic ship but only a book which had pictures of the Titanic Ship
by Girish Reddy 17 Jul, 2017
I made most of these models out of paper and card and various other materials with out any formal training in the year 1995 (India). Hand made from scratch.

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